The victims of violence and poverty can be counted. But how do we measure peace and stability? What are the metrics for tracking a cultural transformation? 

We can quantify crime rate, access to health and education services, dependence on outside aid. But the seeds of these monumental shifts first take form in passing sights: a woman walking home from work, head held high, a child smiling in a schoolyard. 

Transformation is sparked by the infusion of hope and empowerment, creating individuals with the mindset to make decisions toward self- and community-betterment. We are creating leaders.

Counseled to restore psychological health.
Trained with skills to reduce dependence.
Enlightened to strengthen community relations.
Educated to remove barriers.

To date, our programs have transformed: 

2150 Children with a primary school education

41,392 Men and Women with
mentorship and leadership training

30,000,000 Congolese through media outreach

This is our impact. Decisions that lead to action. Action that results in change.
And change that inspires cycles of positivity to establish a new era.