One Leader is Transforming a Nation with a $10K Investment

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Africa New Day is igniting a movement of Congolese individuals who are improving their communities through entrpreneurial activities . Your investment is helping to shape world changers, the likes of which Africa has never witnessed before.

The United Nations desires to offer computer science in schools, however, they have not trained teachers nor supplied computers. Therefore, one local man—Jacque—has broken through generational poverty and the remnants of war, to start his own computer science business. Jacque is a husband and father of four children. He had been jobless for seven years with prospects to support his family seemingly hopeless. Then Jacque attended AND’s Leadership Academy and discovered his potential as an effective business leader. He received a $10,000 investment to start his own company; and now, Jacque is giving back to the community by selling computers to educators at a very affordable price. 

With over 780,000 teachers in the DRC, Jacque’s goal is to train them and equip them with low-cost computers. Currently, there are over 400 teachers asking Jacque for computer training from 200 schools. Jacque’s company buys computers for $200 and then sells them to teachers for four installments of $90. The cost of training totals $40 for four weekly sessions. Teachers learn Word, Excel, Power Point, the Internet, and more.

Jacque exemplifies our passion to Equip, Educate and Empower influencers in local churches, businesses, academia and government. The Democratic Republic of Congo is transforming from the inside out, and you’re an important part of that story.

Steve Secviar