Creating Leaders. Leading Change. Changing Congo..

After six million lives have been lost, we are creating a new era of peace and prosperity.


Africa New Day is changing the Congo through empowerment. Our approach follows three simple principles:

1: Empower to lead change

Africa New Day awakens men, women and children to their power as individuals to bring about change.

2: Transform culture at the source

Instead of waiting for relief to come, Africa New Day proactively reverses the causes of conflict and suffering in their communities.

3: Multiply the impact

Africa New Day participants become mentors who empower the next generation of leaders, creating a solution that sustains.

2019 Direct Reach: 7,315

  • Office opens in Beni and Bukavu, DRC
  • Internet radio & TV station launches
  • Leadership Development Center opens
  • Radio coverage expands to 65 stations
  • Total Budget of $1.7 million (Capital Budget $275k)
2020 | Direct Reach: 8,071

  • Primary School construction complete
  • Total Budget of $2.3 million (Capital Budget $590k)
2021 | Direct Reach: 8,878

  • High School land purchase & 1st phase construction
  • High School launches
  • Sons of Congo expands regionally to Kisangani
  • Total Budget of $2.6 million (Capital Budget $856k)
2022 | Direct Reach: 9,766

  • Leadership Research Center launches
  • High School final phase complete
  • Total Budget of $1.9 million (Capital Budget $61k)
2023 | Direct Reach: 10,743

  • Sons of Congo expands to neighboring countries
  • Counseling Center launches in Goma
  • 80 radio stations airing Africa New Day programming reach all of DRC (30 million adults)
  • Total Budget of $2 million (Capital Budget $60k)



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