Primary School: Expanding Our Impact

From our first days in Goma, we understood education holds the key to Congo’s future. Even in disastrous conditions with minimal resources, we knew had to do something to address this need. So our “school” was founded… a single class with two teachers, 39 students, one grade.

Since then, our school’s enrollment has grown nearly tenfold. We are educating children in Goma from kindergarten through 5th grade and rated among the top in the region in infrastructure and quality of education.

Today we are pleased to announce an expansion and the addition of 6th grade to our curriculum.
We now have the capacity to educate 550 students, providing an immeasurable lift to their families, communities and the future of Congo.

Our school serves as a model for what actions can produce. It is not a reflection of our circumstances but the power of our decisions.

We Can Make A Difference

Our school expansion requires us to stretch our resources. We most urgently need adequate books and computers. Next year we will have more than 500 students but only 20 functioning computers.

Also our school has no playground. A playground would provide the children with much-deserved space for exercise and play, with far-reaching physical, emotional and community benefits.

Will you help support these children’s hunger for education?

School Books (English & French) - $5,000
Playground - $10,000
50 Computers - $12,500

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