Impact Stories: Anette


Anette was born and raised in Kisangani and later moved to Goma to finish school. She married in 1998, and had two children with her husband along with a third child born from rape. Tragically, her husband was killed in 2002, and soon after, Anette lost weight and became very sick. She discovered she had HIV. After these devastating events, Anette lost all hope to live and care for her children. 

“Before Africa New Day, I was “just” a widow with orphans. But now, I am a sewing instructor and a master seamstress in our women’s department.”

Since working at Africa New Day and becoming a part of the family with Esther and Camille, Anette has found her hope to live. She says,
“I want to give the women I teach in our program the same hope I’ve found being here; to be independent and confident. Unfortunately the violence that our society has endured has taken so much of our hope. But if I, with my desperate situation, can find hope and the ability to make a career for myself; a job that allows me to put my kids in school, provide food and pay for our lives,
I believe other women can find it too. 

Hope is the most important armor to fight against poverty and desperation. So thank you very much Africa New Day for teaching us about the hope and the grace of God”.