Impact Stories: Claude


Born out of wedlock and raised by his grandmother, Claude is a young man who has faced many challenges in his life. Claude is a talented musician who performs in his local church. He knew Christian principles, but he maintained a life without intimacy with God.  He had no prayer life and did not meditate on God’s Word.

Claude has Computer Science training and an interest in Audio-Video Production. A self-taught audio producer, he developed a small recording studio that met his basic needs.

Concerned to find a better life, Claude tried to apply for a stable job in Goma but had no success. When he received a phone call from Pastor Camille Ntoto, he had no idea his fortune was about to change.

Claude remembered meeting Camille at a job interview.  Camille needed a replacement for departing technicians to assist with the ministry. With his gift and passion for helping others rise to their potential, Camille recognized Claude would be good for the job and offered him the opportunity.

A visible change overcame Claude. While doing the work, he became acquainted with the Word of God. The shows he was producing began to transform his life little by little He was benefitting from the teachings just as the listeners were. 

Claude’s life started to change. He developed a strong, personal relationship with God  and aligned himself with Africa New Day. Six years later, Africa New Day’s radio programs are broadcast on more than 60 stations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Proud and grateful, Claude is happy to be a part of it. Lives are being transformed and God is being glorified.