Impact Stories: Dieudonné


Dieudonné is a young man from a village near Goma. He came across the Africa New Day ministry and began to listen to Camille’s teachings on leadership. “When God hears the cries of the people, we are the ones that he’s sending,” Camille explains. “When you see a problem and it grabs your heart, don’t dismiss it too quickly. It may be that you have a part to play in its solution.”

Dieudonné returned to his village with this new perspective. 

What previously seemed normal—so many women could not read and write— now became a problem he could solve.

Without any resources but his determination, he tapped two unemployed teachers in his village to use their available skills to teach these women. A few months later, these women can read and write. For the next session, he spreads to different villages. Now 328 students are learning to read and eleven unemployed teachers have a restored sense of value. At no cost and with no limit to its potential.