Impact Stories: Kevin


Born in Kinshasa, Kevin is the nine-year-old son of international humanitarian workers and the youngest of four children. When the family relocated to Goma, Kevin was enrolled in Africa New Day’s UJN Elementary School.

At the start of the school year, Kevin lacked self-confidence. He was aloof, ashamed and not very expressive. But our leadership approach helped him transform into a confident, well-spoken young child who presented his own opinions and points of view. By year’s end, his parents were very grateful for the transformation they saw. Unfortunately, a work opportunity in France forced the family to uproot and move again.

When they arrived in France, Kevin was refused admission into the Catholic school because he had been schooled in Goma, DRC. His parents were stunned. But Kevin came forward and asked if he could meet the manager of the school and speak with him. The parents arranged the meeting.

In the presence of the manager, nine-year-old Kevin was not embarrassed to ask why his admission had been refused, and he requested a chance to take a test to show his competency levels.

The manager was amazed by Kevin’s leadership and eloquence and did not hesitate to allow him to be tested.  Kevin received a 90% and the next day the little leader started classes. In his new school, he has become a legend, answering curious classmates’ endless questions about UJN Elementary School.

Despite being in DRC, a red-zone country with an  education deficiency, UJN Elementary School is a force of change that breaks the boundaries of nationality and race.  Through Kevin, we were able to reach and inspire another school in another part of the world, and Kevin himself has become an example of leadership for everyone he encounters in his life.