Leadership In The Midst Of Ebola


Ebola is ravaging Eastern DRC—more than 2,700 confirmed cases have claimed nearly 2,000 lives this year. But relief efforts are slowed by community fears and mistrust. For health workers to combat the disease, they must first overcome the misinformation and often violent resistance surrounding it.

We are proud of the Congolese men in our Sons of Congo program who have heard God’s calling to rise to this challenge and are taking action to reverse the spread of this horrific epidemic.

Following the principles of leadership they were taught, Sons of Congo members are serving as communication liaisons across the most at-risk areas in Congo, collecting and sharing valuable information between villages, churches and health officials attempting to provide aid.

The men are dispelling myths and prejudices deeply held within the rural Congolese communities, educating on awareness and prevention, distributing hand-washing kits, and directly contributing to the reduction of potential Ebola cases in Congo and beyond its borders. We are creating leaders who are leading change in Congo!

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